What we do

We catch

Thanks to our fleet we have ensured continuous access to raw materials with total traceability and quality control from the origin.

We believe in fishing that is environmentally friendly and safe for our employees.

We process

At our factories, we process the raw materials that we fish.

By doing so, we can offer products with greater added value controlling their traceability.

By positioning ourselves at this stage of the value chain we can be versatile and adapt to our clients’ needs.

We are innovative with our preparations, products and formats.

We trade

From our main office in Vigo and with the support of our network we sell raw materials and processed products worldwide through different channels on a daily basis.


  • Our raw materials
  • Security of supply
  • Intermediate products tailored to your industrial processes

Food service

  • Raw materials and processed products
  • Formats tailored to distribution
  • Variety of ranges and references


  • Self-service and fish shops
  • Formats tailored to the end consumer
  • Unique packaging
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